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Hi there, I'd like to get my ten year old daughter a calligraphy set for Christmas...

shana myers


Hi there!


Yes, I can suggest where to start!  I started with the old fashioned dip pen and ink when I was a little bit older but not by much older than your daughter.  Since I'm TOTALLY OLD SCHOOL and believe you need to know the fundamentals before you do the more fun and creative fonts out there, I would recommend starting there first.


I get A LOT!!! of my supplies from They are far less expensive than your typical stand alone stores.


I would recommend the oblique holder:  (mainly because it's what I started with back in the day and still use with the most regularity....)

I think the black holder is easier to use than the fancy ones. Copperplate is the way to go because you will begin to learn the slant and stroke, thick and thin pressure on your nib and swirls.

Can you believe people used to write like this on a daily basis?

The book enclosed in this set is the best to start with and continue to use and reference throughout the years. 

Side note: I have had a few private lessons with kids around this age lately and what I have found is, cursive isn't being taught in schools. Fundamental cursive needs to really be in place before you go forward in learning more intricate and modern styles of writing.

I firmly believe EVERYONE can write pretty. Like your signature, writing is an art and is very individual to that person. You can try to replicate everything something someone does but it will never truly look like their work. Nor should it.

Writing in the beginning can be very frustrating but should be an exercise practiced daily or at the very least a few times a week.  I know with 30+ years experience under my belt, I am still learning and will get rusty if I'm not practicing my arm and art.

If you have further questions or need more information, please feel free to contact me!  I love to see the younger kids get excited about something that is becoming a lost art! Writing should be more than just your signature! It is a personal mark left for eternity. More personal than the tapping on the keys of a keyboard.

Best of luck to all!


p.s. again, this is all my opinion and other may feel otherwise about my philosophy and choice of beginning materials.:)