alt summit

A super fabulous designer friend of mine, Rachel Singleton, referred me to Whitney English to help out with a dinner for Alt Summit this week.

I was beyond thrilled as I admire both of them so much! The kindness and warmest responses ensued from this fun venture. Simply, I don't think I've ever been thanked as much for anything I've produced as I have for this dinner party.

Rarely does one get to see the finished product unless it is for print. Half the time I stumble upon something I've done by total accident. I find the calligrapher is the last to be thanked or acknowledged when everything is said and done.

To me, when I create anything/something, it is simply unfinished as I am not quite sure how or where it went for it's final resting place. 

Today, I was happy to find my little "works of art" found a happy place.

original alt summit.jpg