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Here's a story, of a beautiful bride and her handsome groom...

The whole family was such a joy to meet and work along side as well as a few of these vendors.

The whole family was such a joy to meet and work along side as well as a few of these vendors.

Wedding Styling: http://www.leslieherringevents.com

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Flowers: http://www.poppylanedesign.com

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the details

The beauty of calligraphy is you can add a signature touch or what designers in the industry like to call "branding" to your special day. These personalized cups, napkins and matches match the Save-the-Date invite sent out a few months ago and will also match the upcoming wedding invitation going out soon. Stay tuned for the wedding upcoming wedding invitation!!!

about those bouts

Treating the wedding party as individuals and not as a general title is a special way to honor your attendants during this special day.

Instead of naming the piece of paper, sticker or card "usher," "groomsman" and "Father of the Bride," using their actual name is a simple but meaningful touch.

Photo Courtesy of: Amanda Watson Photography * Flowers Courtesy of: Juniper Designs

in the beginning




Hi there, I'd like to get my ten year old daughter a calligraphy set for Christmas...

shana myers inkstainedfingerscalligraphy@gmail.com


Hi there!


Yes, I can suggest where to start!  I started with the old fashioned dip pen and ink when I was a little bit older but not by much older than your daughter.  Since I'm TOTALLY OLD SCHOOL and believe you need to know the fundamentals before you do the more fun and creative fonts out there, I would recommend starting there first.


I get A LOT!!! of my supplies from www.Paperandinkarts.com. They are far less expensive than your typical stand alone stores.


I would recommend the oblique holder:  (mainly because it's what I started with back in the day and still use with the most regularity....)



I think the black holder is easier to use than the fancy ones. Copperplate is the way to go because you will begin to learn the slant and stroke, thick and thin pressure on your nib and swirls.

Can you believe people used to write like this on a daily basis?

The book enclosed in this set is the best to start with and continue to use and reference throughout the years. 

Side note: I have had a few private lessons with kids around this age lately and what I have found is, cursive isn't being taught in schools. Fundamental cursive needs to really be in place before you go forward in learning more intricate and modern styles of writing.

I firmly believe EVERYONE can write pretty. Like your signature, writing is an art and is very individual to that person. You can try to replicate everything something someone does but it will never truly look like their work. Nor should it.

Writing in the beginning can be very frustrating but should be an exercise practiced daily or at the very least a few times a week.  I know with 30+ years experience under my belt, I am still learning and will get rusty if I'm not practicing my arm and art.

If you have further questions or need more information, please feel free to contact me!  I love to see the younger kids get excited about something that is becoming a lost art! Writing should be more than just your signature! It is a personal mark left for eternity. More personal than the tapping on the keys of a keyboard.

Best of luck to all!


p.s. again, this is all my opinion and other may feel otherwise about my philosophy and choice of beginning materials.:)

Reception Chalk Board

Hot Mess here at a reception!!!! Well, I AM a mess and this was a reception for a friend's daughter and I DID DO this chalkboard HOURS before the party began. and I WAS super hot because I'm peri-menopausal....

 I have to say, doing chalkboards for a friend is WAAAYYY more stressful than writing stuff out for strangers or for people I haven't had a 25 year relationship with.....


Wax Seal Place Cards

A bride I recently worked with created a unique way to present her place cards.

I created the white place card with a bone folder then wrote with black ink in a Copperplate font on the lower portion of the card.  She followed up with a red wax seal incorporating her soon-to-be initial on the top of the card.

A beautiful and elegant way to do a place card or escort card for your occasion!


Love, LOVE, LOOOVVVEEEE! This bride and mother!

I can't believe it's been over two...three? months? since this event occurred!

I asked the mother of the bride if I could be an honorary member of the family. THIS! is how much I loved working with them. and you know what? They SMILED AND LAUGHED! ALL OF THE TIME!!!! Who does this anymore? They did! Love all around. Especially between the mother and daughter. 

Reminds me of my mother and our relationship. Just the two of us. Always having each other's back.

The genuine enthusiasm was contagious and made me want to do the best work I could to make them happy. I do hope I succeeded. 

Grey Escort Cards with Bleed-Proof White Ink

Grey Escort Cards with Bleed-Proof White Ink

the rest of our lives

A romantic note given to your soon-to-be love before the wedding ceremony is romantic and just down-right thoughtful.

You are FOR SURE going to want to go back to this love note somewhere around the 7th and 14th year of marriage to remind you of this time and why exactly you got married in the first place.

HA! I kid!!!


Photo Courtesy of Traina Photography ~  Wedding Planner: The Wedding Belle ~ Calligraphy: Inkstainedfingers

Photo Courtesy of Traina Photography ~  Wedding Planner: The Wedding Belle ~ Calligraphy: Inkstainedfingers


abby + brian

The part of working with the bride and her family directly is the reason why I love doing calligraphy. The initial contact, the getting to know them and their story and the delivery of unique one of a kind pieces in many aspects of their wedding. The calligrapher is often a person who many forget when crediting the end result of a wedding but is the person who adds special touches throughout the engagement, showers, parties and the actual grand event.  

When the end has come and we have finished all we can scroll and swish with abandon, the lasting relationships we make in the process is the best and satisfying result for me and why I continue to pick up my pen.

alt summit

A super fabulous designer friend of mine, Rachel Singleton, referred me to Whitney English to help out with a dinner for Alt Summit this week.

I was beyond thrilled as I admire both of them so much! The kindness and warmest responses ensued from this fun venture. Simply, I don't think I've ever been thanked as much for anything I've produced as I have for this dinner party.

Rarely does one get to see the finished product unless it is for print. Half the time I stumble upon something I've done by total accident. I find the calligrapher is the last to be thanked or acknowledged when everything is said and done.

To me, when I create anything/something, it is simply unfinished as I am not quite sure how or where it went for it's final resting place. 

Today, I was happy to find my little "works of art" found a happy place.

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