Wax Seal Place Cards

A bride I recently worked with created a unique way to present her place cards.

I created the white place card with a bone folder then wrote with black ink in a Copperplate font on the lower portion of the card.  She followed up with a red wax seal incorporating her soon-to-be initial on the top of the card.

A beautiful and elegant way to do a place card or escort card for your occasion!

library pocketed escort cards

An off-white muslin draped board is an unique yet classically beautiful way to display your escort cards for your wedding.

library pocket escort cards.jpg

Photo and Event Designed by: Lindsey Gibson of Gibson Events. 


Love, LOVE, LOOOVVVEEEE! This bride and mother!

I can't believe it's been over two...three? months? since this event occurred!

I asked the mother of the bride if I could be an honorary member of the family. THIS! is how much I loved working with them. and you know what? They SMILED AND LAUGHED! ALL OF THE TIME!!!! Who does this anymore? They did! Love all around. Especially between the mother and daughter. 

Reminds me of my mother and our relationship. Just the two of us. Always having each other's back.

The genuine enthusiasm was contagious and made me want to do the best work I could to make them happy. I do hope I succeeded. 

Grey Escort Cards with Bleed-Proof White Ink

Grey Escort Cards with Bleed-Proof White Ink

abby + brian

The part of working with the bride and her family directly is the reason why I love doing calligraphy. The initial contact, the getting to know them and their story and the delivery of unique one of a kind pieces in many aspects of their wedding. The calligrapher is often a person who many forget when crediting the end result of a wedding but is the person who adds special touches throughout the engagement, showers, parties and the actual grand event.  

When the end has come and we have finished all we can scroll and swish with abandon, the lasting relationships we make in the process is the best and satisfying result for me and why I continue to pick up my pen.