Reception Chalk Board

Hot Mess here at a reception!!!! Well, I AM a mess and this was a reception for a friend's daughter and I DID DO this chalkboard HOURS before the party began. and I WAS super hot because I'm peri-menopausal....

 I have to say, doing chalkboards for a friend is WAAAYYY more stressful than writing stuff out for strangers or for people I haven't had a 25 year relationship with.....


Wax Seal Place Cards

A bride I recently worked with created a unique way to present her place cards.

I created the white place card with a bone folder then wrote with black ink in a Copperplate font on the lower portion of the card.  She followed up with a red wax seal incorporating her soon-to-be initial on the top of the card.

A beautiful and elegant way to do a place card or escort card for your occasion!