It was a pleasure working with this delightful bride. I don't think I've ever met anyone so excited to be married and exuded such love for her fiancé. She was the bees knees!

Ten year Anniversary

I've had a personal blog for years. Back when everyone had one. Before the kids were in school and before I thought I would be held accountable for every word I typed. Man, times have changed and the content and readership changed as well. As with most of us 'old-timer's,' we have faded out the writing and daily musing for carpool, dance classes and well, Netflix binge watching.

One such reader I want to be when I grow up, has followed me through all of my ups and downs and in-betweens. She has always commented on my calligraphy I've put on my personal blog, Twitter and Instagram. If only she had an occasion to use my services......

One such occasion finally occurred! Her Ten Year Anniversary!

black envelope with white ink

black envelope with white ink

I had such a great time hand designing and illustrating her personal invites as well as addressing these cute and fun black envelopes. White ink on thick black envelopes with a laurel design added EVERYWHERE!

The only downside to this project? Forgetting to think about the size of the envelope in relation to postage. Square envelopes and odd sized envelopes add extra cost to your already expanding budget of an invitation.  Always keep this in mind when you are calculating your cost estimation for invitations.

black and white

I love a change of pace from plain white and cream envelopes to something more contrasting and visually stunning.